Forestry Mowing


Forestry mowing is a land management practice that involves the cutting or mowing of vegetation in forested areas. It is typically used to clear unwanted vegetation, create fire breaks, maintain trails, and promote the growth of desirable plant species. Forestry mowing can also be used to remove invasive plant species that can harm native ecosystems.

Forestry mowing can be performed using various types of equipment, including tractors, mowers, and brush cutters. The equipment used depends on the size and density of the vegetation, as well as the terrain and accessibility of the site.

Forestry mowing is an important practice for maintaining healthy and sustainable forests. By removing excess vegetation and promoting the growth of desirable species, forestry mowing can help to prevent wildfires, protect wildlife habitats, and maintain the aesthetic appeal of forested areas. It is also an effective way to manage invasive species and prevent the spread of harmful plant diseases.

Overall, forestry mowing is an essential tool for land managers and forestry professionals who are committed to maintaining healthy and sustainable forest ecosystems.

forestry mowing in wisconsin
a great blue heron in it's natural habitat

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